A collection of nude photos & videos

of a young, sexy, wife taken by her husband

We are just an average couple sharing sexy photos and videos with the world.

We are people with families, friends, jobs, and bills.

We've decided to share Brooke's sexy nude body with the whole world.

Our trust, honesty, and ability to have fun has made us a stronger couple.

Hello, friend!

Welcome to our site. we'll try to make it interesting with sexy, new nude pics and videos from our latest shoots. Stop by often.  -The Husband



19.mar.2014 update
We've added a new "Pretty in Pink" set of photos!  Check them out and make sure to give us some feedback! Stay in touch with yourselves ;)

                           -Brooke and The Husband

random facts


- Brooke has no professional training or experience modeling.

- The Husband has no professional training in photography,videography, editing, or web design.

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Welcome to my website!

My name is Brooke and I'm just a regular girl.  One day my husband asked to take some nude photos of me.  We were so proud of how the photos turned out, that we felt like we just had to share them!  You guys seemed to like them too and have inspired us to keep doing it!

I have a blast making naughty things to share with you, and I always enjoy getting feedback letting us know what you think.

I currently have several photo sets of me stripping naked and masturbating and I'm starting to add some videos as well.  There are also some extras like a feedback and request form, fan submitted photos, and the new comments tab.

My husband loves that people see his wife nude!